Trying A Body Scrub Massage For The First Time? Here’s Your Guide!

Spas & wellness centers offer more than just therapeutic massages. If you are in mood to try a skin session that feels elaborate and different, a body scrub massage might be the right choice. In simple words, body scrub massages can be defined as a facial treatment for the body. Wondering where is the nearest spa? Here are some quick aspects worth knowing before you visit.

Decoding body scrub massages

A body scrub involves all the steps that are typically included in a facial massage. It starts with scrubbing, which can be done with salt, sugar or a proprietary/signature mix combined with essential oils. This is the longest process in the session, and can take considerable time, not less than 25 minutes. The scrubbing may not feel like a massage, although your therapist will include some of form of massage strokes.

The next step is to get into the shower and remove the body scrub entirely. Ensure all the granules are removed from the body but do not use any bathing products. The scrub always contains some oils, which are good for the skin. Sometimes the session can be done on a wet table, so the therapist will wash everything.

The final step is about using a lotion or cream.

Things to know

First things first, body scrubs are not same as body massages, so keep that in mind. The treatment can be an independent one or a part of an elaborate skin treatment session. If you want a package, include body scrub, which will be followed with a body wrap session, and finally with a massage. Body scrubs are best coupled with massages, for a more cleansing and relaxing experience. Body scrubbing tends to be a tad rougher than a standard facial scrubbing, so don’t panic, but if you have extremely sensitive skin, let the therapist know. A massage therapist may not be do the scrubbing, because it doesn’t require massage expertise.

Finding a spa

Not all services are same in the wellness industry, so do your home. You can choose to select a package from a known spa, which may mean some savings. For body scrubs and elaborate treatments, such as a body wrap, it is necessary to seek appointment in advance Check the range of scrub options they have and review the good aspects of each before making a choice.

For your next weekend, choose to get pampered.