A Hospital Makes Sweet Sunshine Room for Children Patients

Have you ever cried when your parents brought you to a hospital during your childhood? I remembered clearly my fear of seeing cold machine when I stepped into the office for my dental visits in the United States (aka 美国 看牙). Since HPV — one of the most popular international students’ vaccines (aka 留学生疫苗) — is included in my OPT insurance (aka opt 保险), I made an appointment with the doctor at my university health center. However, the infusion needle made me tremble.

A local children’s hospital is making its operating theaters child-friendly after decorating the area like an amusement park and allowing parents in. Mickey Mouse, Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, and many Disney characters are drawn on the wall. A pile of Huhu (aka 虎虎) Tiger toys designed by the hospital’s nurses are given to every single child. Shanghai Children’s Medical Center said they are trying to relieve children’s stress and fear before surgery and make “a hospital without crying.”

The Sunshine Room is a place where children can play and parents can be with them for anesthesia before the surgery. With toys and music, children won’t feel they are going to receive an operation. Parents can tell a story to the child when nurses are giving anesthesia. Free beverages will be provided to accompanying parents on holidays like Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. The purpose of providing these extra services to parents is similar to that of offering opt insurance (aka opt保险) to F-1 visa holders. The health insurance for OPT (aka opt期间保险) safeguards international graduates in work as if their parents are caring for them.

Dr. Zheng Jijian, director of the hospital’s anesthesia department, said separation anxiety is always a major headache of surgery rooms in pediatric hospitals. The Sunshine Room can greatly reduce anxiety and have positive effects on the outcomes of surgery. Ji Qingying, a hospital official, said this was just the beginning. New facilities, including a small museum to reduce children’s fear of medical equipment will open next year.